Gina & Kate Liveblog the… 2015 Golden Globes

Kate and I are back to liveblog the 2015 awards season! It kicks off tonight with the Golden Globes, hosted by our heroes, Tina Fey & Amy Poehler. We’ll be playing this drinking game from EW. Play with us?


8:00pm: Here we go! Our friends Catherine and Kelly are joining us! “It’s appropriate we have so many bottles of wine because they’re all getting drunk…”-Kate

8:03pm: Whoever is in the control room during this monologue is doing a shit job.

8:11pm: “Anniston’s leg slit is higher than Jolie’s”-Kate HEYOOOOOO

8:12pm: I can’t believe Benny is off the market and going to be a daddy. Be still my BREAKING heart.

8:14pm: OMG Jamie Dornan. The thirst is real! (Did I use that right?)

8:16pm: This.

8:18pm: Happy commercial break! Time to make good on that promise to show up to work hungover tomorrow.

8:19pm: Us right now:


8:21pm: We’re dying over Buzzfeed’s “Who Wore It Better?” SASSY WALRUS EVERY TIME.

8:22pm: “Here are the nominees for, uh, ya know…” Oooooh-kay, Renner.

8:25pm: Jeremy Renner has to be drunk already, right? “You got the globes, too.” Ummm….


8:33pm:  Benny with the photobomb!

8:35pm: Everyone else stood because Meryl did it first.

8:37pm: Kate and I can’t deal with how good those cookies look on Lena Dunham’s table.

8:37pm: So an actress from a show on the CW just won a Golden Globe? Must be good. Also YAY FOR GINAS!!!!

8:40pm: Psyched about Transparent!

8:42pm: To Love! *Chugs wine*

8:43pm: I just want y’all to know that Kate introduced me to the truffle cheese-fig jam combo and I am a better person for it. So you’re welcome, world.

8:47pm: Bill Murray’s bow tie, though.


8:50pm: PRINCE. And that cane.

8:52pm:  Common & John Legend = The Dream Team. So beautiful.

8:53pm:  Chrissy, what face is that?

9:00pm: Matt Bomer looks SO good. “The day Matt Bomer came out might be one of the saddest days in history”-Kate

9:01pm: “When did Bill Murray get this old, guys? Seems like just yesterday he was in Space Jam.”-Kate

9:05pm: Can’t believe Quvenzhane didn’t win!!

9:09pm: The truth!!

9:12pm: Not enough Tina & Amy and too much Kevin Hart right now.

9:17pm: Too busy being distracted by how “Let It Go” from Frozen actually lines up with “Bet On It” from High School Musical 2.

9:18pm: Jared Leto’s braid >>>>>>>>>>>>

9:27pm: “What are you wearing Kristen Wiig?”-Me and Kate at the same time.

9:29pm: Agreed!!!!!!!

9:30pm: This guy in the fedora is trying too hard to be Bruno Mars.

9:33pm: This should be the official emoji.


9:36pm: Much deserved win for Jeffrey Tambor for sure. “This is bigger than me.” “That’s what she said”-Kate

come-on-gob-arrested-development9:43pm: Lupita in glasses makes me want to wear my glasses.

9:44pm: These guys are so cute!

9:46pm: That was an… intimate moment between Gyllenhaal siblings.

9:53pm: I want to see Adam Levine and Paul Rudd together forever and ever and ever.

9:58pm:  Good try being funny, Katherine Heigl.

9:59pm: FRANK UNDERWOOD ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

10:12pm: Clooney, you silver fox.

10:16pm: BRB weeping that I’m not Amal Clooney.


10:25pm: Just gunna pretend that’s me up there with Chris Pratt (<3)

10:38pm: OPRAH!!!!!!!!!

10:48pm: But seriously, not enough Amy and Tina tonight. It’s just getting boring at this point.

10:59pm: Love that Bey’s “cryptic photo” made the nightly news.

11:00pm: “MERYL 2016”Kate. But, actually…

11:03pm: We’ll miss you Amy & Tina. That’s it for us. Good night!!