Gina & Kate Liveblog the… Golden Globes

Hi! We’re back again to share our thoughts on all things Golden Globes.(Read: We’re gunna complain about how much we wish Amy & Tina were hosting again.)

8:00pm: HI & WELCOME! We are all dying about how hot Leo looks!

8:01pm: I really wish Ricky Gervais would host this as David Brent…

8:10pm: Well… this is awkward. Glad we could hear what Jonah Hill was saying.

8:12pm: Kate is great, but god I could watch Michael Fassbender smile for the entirety of this broadcast.

8:13pm:  The entire room is in agreement: ONLY the Rock could pull of that crushed velvet jacket.

8:15pm: Kate: “My only question… is Meryl Streep there?” ASKING THOSE HARD-HITTING QUESTIONS!

8:21pm: Need that Rob Lowe reaction for the rest of my life.

8:23pm: I love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and that was an amazing speech.


8:25pm: Uh… I heard Mozart in the Jungle blows so this is confusing.

8:26pm: Viola Davis reminding us all that she should’ve been cast as Glinda the Good Witch in the Wiz Live.

8:30pm: My hero:

8:34pm: CIAO!! Kate: “Big fan.”

8:35pm: Joining us from Boston via text message… The great James S. Ladner making key observations: “The Hollywood foreign press guy looks like the villain from Despicable Me” His name is Gru but YES.


8:39pm: RIP Brody </3

Homeland S1 Damian Lewis 004_FULL

8:40pm: Holy shit Oscar Isaac is a beautiful man.

8:41pm: So, like… Amy & Tina aren’t even there? #lame

8:47pm:  Seriously, Spy was so good.

8:48pm: …Why is Tom Ford there?

8:49pm: Seriously, Mr. Robot should win every. single. award. YAYYYY!

8:50pm: Kate just nominated Jaden Smith for next year’s Miss Golden Globe and I honestly couldn’t agree more.

8:51pm: Will Smith’s music has also played a big part in MY life, Jamie Foxx.

8:52pm: I LOVE a Tarantino speech… GIVE IT TO ME QUENTIN.

8:56pm: Jon Hamm <333333

8:57pm: But Rami better win next year & every year after for as long as Mr. Robot is on…


9:01pm: Important:

9:03pm: Okay but like how do we become friends with A. Shu & J. Law?

9:08pm: Space movies where you are alone are pretty much a guaranteed win, aren’t they?

9:14pm: This.

A photo posted by BETCHES (@betches) on Jan 10, 2016 at 4:40pm PST


9:16pm: Can’t believe Poehler isn’t here to accept for Inside Out… #depressed

9:17pm: Literally the two hottest men on the planet right now and we are all freaking the eff out.

9:19pm: Wait, is Idris Elba not there?!?! Why is no one good here tonight?

9:20pm: Everyone is so stoked for ol’ Sly… This speech is surprisingly eloquent & he is so adorable!!

9:26pm: Kind of wish they were wearing 2006 glasses instead.

9:27pm: Whoever is in charge of the censor button tonight is doing a great job, but we’ve definitely missed 20% of the jokes tonight.

9:30pm: #BoysAreBad

9:31pm: Aziz! One of the best jokes of the night?

9:32pm: Hi Gael, you are literally the most adorable person I have ever seen in my entire life. Watching Mozart in the Jungle ASAP.

9:40pm: Literally was just thinking the same thing, Ricky. This show is SO long. Getting #old.

9:41pm: AHAHAHAHA hands down best joke of the night.

9:42pm: Seriously thought Queen Latifah was nominated for Wiz Live! and got so excited.

9:43pm: Wait WHAT? Gaga Won? Kate: “Leo’s like ‘If she can do it, I can do it…'”

9:51pm: Why is Katy Perry here? That Bump It is out of control. Boobs look great though!

9:52pm: #NeverForget


9:54pm: Oh shit, he went there.

9:55pm: Wish we knew what Ricky Gervais said to give us the world’s greatest Alan Cumming reaction…

9:57pm: YAAAAAAS Mr. Robot is AMAZING!!!!

9:59pm: Apparently Ricky said “What the fuck does sugar tits mean?” and now I get it.

10:04pm: Alan Cumming looking like Stefon (Thanks, Emily.)


10:11pm: Denzel is amazing.

10:13pm: Kate: “Leo’s taking notes…”

10:14pm: Mrs. Washington is the best part of this speech.

10:20pm: This bodes well for Leo!!

10:23pm: #PainIsTemporary #FilmIsForever

10:24pm: LEO THE HERO

10:25pm: COOKIE!!!!!

10:33pm: Schumer got robbed.

10:40pm: Tobey + Leo 4eva

10:43pm: Schumer got robbed!!!

10:49pm: This grandma is ready for bed… let’s wrap it up??

10:51pm: Remember when Eddie Redmayne played Marius in Les Mis and stole my heart forever? I do.

10:54pm: Really? Julianne Moore is reduced to “From the Hunger Games?”


10:55pm: LEOOOOOO!!! Kate: “It has begun!”

10:57pm: Who dares play Leo off?!?!?!

11:00pm: I love you, Han.

11:04pm: Who is this bald guy? At least he recognizes to thank Leo.

11:05pm: That’s it! The #YearofLeo has begun! BYE.


Gina & Kate Liveblog the… Emmysf

We’re back tonight at 8pm!


6:43pm: We are ready and feeling just like our collective hero, Amy:

8:00pm: Hey y’all! Ready to share our thoughts with you on all the Emmy happenings. Hoping this show isn’t boring…

8:04pm: That opening was fucking incredible.

8:05pm: SUCK IT BOOKS.

8:09pm: Obligatory Kim Davis jokes…

8:09pm: POEHLER, MY HERO ❤

8:11pm: Hahaha top notch Houdini joke. Classic!

8:13pm: Excellent opening from Samberg. Kate’s rating: Would be content to watch it for the rest of my life.

8:14pm: How do I join “Amy”? Willing to change my name…


8:16pm: “For the longest time, I thought the West Wing was a doctor show. I had no idea it was about the West Wing of the White House.” – Kate

8:18pm: These Samsung commercials sure look like they want to be iPhone commercials… HEYOOOO

8:19pm: This is how we felt when Kate McKinnon lost:

8:21pm: Also, get a good look at this picture, because you WILL be seeing it again later…


8:32pm: Will Forte is a comedic genius and I am not ashamed to say it!

8:24pm: Veep is amazing!!!!!

8:25pm: “He talks to Ryan Seacrest, he’s a winner.” BRB, ROFL.

8:31pm: Singing “Peeno Noir” in and of itself deserved an Emmy, but congrats Tony Hale…


8:35pm: Gina Rodriguez living the dream for all Ginas everywhere. STAMOS, YOU STONE COLD FOX.

8:42pm: Kimmel doing everything he can to prove that he is not Fallon. Fallon would be too excited to eat that card!

8:44pm: Arrested Development alumni doing big things tonight!! Next, Michael Cera! #MichaelCeraAsShaft

8:47pm: …How do we get Kerry Washington to come over for an Apple Music dance party?

8:48pm: Burnt: The True Americanized Story of Gordon Ramsay. “Confused why Jennifer Lawrence isn’t in this film, though…”

8:50pm: “World’s Best Boss” Mug, now available at the NBC Experience store!

8:53pm: The Emmys are a sham!!! Poehler doesn’t win for Leslie Knope, just like Steve Carell never won for Michael Gary Scott. #Travesty

8:55pm: “She should’ve had Hillary accept this award…” -Kate

8:56pm: Shout out to my coworkers!!!!!

8:57pm: Top Chef was robbed! The Voice can’t even produce a genuine star!!! Top Chef has a CRUISE!!!!!

8:58pm: How was that, Dave?

9:02pm: Apparently, it is so hot in LA that Mario Lopez decided to host a one-man wet tshirt contest. “Not that anyone is complaining…”-Kate


9:07pm: THIS WOMAN IS INCREDIBLE. Hope someone gives her an award for exactly matching her hair color to her dress.

9:14pm: John Oliver telling it like it is, as always.

9:15pm: Obligatory:

9:16pm: Why aren’t Amy & Tina sitting next to each other, though? #Travesty

9:18pm: This lady gives #nofucks about being played off.

9:22pm: Weren’t there, like, a literal billion people using Facebook at the same time the other day? Why are you advertising?

9:26pm: Who knew Samberg made such a great blonde?

9:27pm: Frances McDormand always looks like she got her dress at Ann Taylor.

9:34pm: Lady Gaga looks amazing when she’s normal.

9:36pm: “That was Lady Gaga…” SAME.

9:39pm: Okay, Emmys, let’s just spoil EVER. SINGLE. SHOW. Makes sense.

9:43pm: On the nose, as always.

9:44pm: This is starting to get boring, yeah?


9:51pm: Miss you already, Jon. That retirement beard suits you!

9:53pm:  Teach me how to wear a lady suit, Jane Lynch.

9:56pm: Screw Taylor Swift, how do we join Amy Schumer’s squad? We are from Long Island, too!!!!


10:02pm: Isn’t it creepy how Tom & Colin Hanks have the SAME VOICE?!?!

10:03pm: Kate and I went to Lip Sync Battle Live, and we can confirm that LL is always wearing that hat.

10:05pm: “Who is this amazon woman sitting with Jon Stewart?!”-Kate

10:10pm: Where is Jon Snow????

10:18pm: Once, Emma Roberts ran over my foot with her monogrammed Louis Vuitton suitcase on the line for Boars Head in JFK.

10:20pm: Uzo is incredibly incredible. Crying a little bit over here…

10:28pm: Viola Davis looking incredible as per ush.

10:29pm: DINKLAGE…… “HE HAS A MINI MAN BUN! Whose job is it to lower the microphone…?”-Captain Obvious, aka Kate.

10:34pm: In Memoriam is the worst.

10:39pm: Thank for reminding me I need to get new glasses, Amy. #MyHero

10:40pm: JON HAMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Get me a gif of him crawling on stage, Tumblr.)


10:44pm: But… Tatiana Maslany plays, like, 11 characters!

10:45pm: Viola is incredible though. But why Meaghan Good? Am I missing something?

10:53pm: VEEP! Surprising win?

10:54pm: TRACY ❤ ❤ ❤ So, so happy to have you back.


10:58pm: Wrapping it up before 11p #blessed THANK YOU FOR JOINING US AGAIN! GOODNIGHT!!!

Gina & Kate Liveblog the… Oscars

It’s the biggest night of awards season and we are here to offer you all of our thoughts… You know you love us.



8:30pm: Give it to us, NPH!!!

8:31pm: YAAAAAAS a musical number and a Benny Cumberbatch close-up…

8:34pm: Hahahah Jack Black, oh MAN.

8:36pm: “Meryl F’in Streep” #Yes #ClintonStreep2016

8:37pm: Kate wants you to know she thought this opening number was “Legen…wait for it…….DARY” WOW KATE YOU ARE SO ORIGINAL!!! But srsly that was great & I want to befriend whoever was responsible for the graphics. CALL ME!

8:39pm: RIP Robin ❤

8:42pm: Let this be a lesson to you all that if you slap around Miles Teller, you too can win an Oscar!

8:44pm: NPH KILLIN’ IT with that Farmers-Oscars bit.

8:46pm: Is there any other way to introduce Liam Neeson? I think not.

8:50pm: If the Oscars is about to turn into the GRAMMYs with all of these boring performances, I’m out…

8:51pm: This song sounds like it wanted to be in “Once” but it didn’t make the cut.

8:54pm: Thanks J.K./Buzzfeed!

8:55pm: Why don’t they make good commercials anymore? 9:00pm: Really? A “Witherspoon” pun? 9:02pm: Reese is so stunning though. 9:03pm: Okay, but like what does everyone in Hollywood do/eat/drink/snort to look BETTER as they age? First J.Lo and now Channing is looking extra fooooooine. 9:04pm: “Bermuda short” LOLZ! 9:05pm: Oh man, but really!

9:08pm: There’s a healthy balance of NPH & other Oscar-y stuff. Why couldn’t they pull that off at the Golden Globes #MoreTina&Amy

9:12pm: This guy is my hero. STICK IT TO THE MAN!

9:15pm: Poor Steve Carell.


9:19pm: HAY BFF!! (Questlove)

9:25pm: Already decided what photo I’m gunna photoshop Kate & myself into…

9:31pm: Viola, I love you, I really do. But everything about that outfit is just no. Someone get the HTGAWM stylist, STAT.

9:33pm:  Gwyneth should consciously uncouple from those earrings. *Bad-dum CHIC!*

9:41pm: I don’t get perfume commercials, but I really don’t get  that Miss Dior ad.

9:43pm: WERK IT!!!

9:46pm: Forever confusing Chris Pine & Chris Evans.

9:52pm: Who allowed J.Lo to sit next to Meryl the Queen?

9:56pm: Meryl during Patricia Arquette’s speech = Us during Patricia Arquette’s speech.

9:56pm: Kate as Meryl “IT IS DONE!”

10:00pm: BRB, need to make sure Kate doesn’t die while Josh Hutcherson is on the tv.

10:03pm: Hey Chloe Grace Moretz, remember when we bonded over Britney Spears & Real Housewives at Watch What Happens Live?????? Besties!

10:04pm: How did dancing Baby Groot not snag the award for Visual Effects?!?!?! ROBBED!

10:06pm: YAS.

10:07pm: LOL bc Anna Kendrick & Kevin Hart are short!

10:09pm: I can’t believe the Rock is at the Oscars.

10:11pm: I can’t believe The Lego Movie didn’t even get nominated.


10:22pm: Guys, I think working with Wes Anderson guarantees an Oscar.

10:24pm: Yo, I would be 10000% for Idris Elba & Jessica Chastain making babies together.

10:30pm: Not ready for this In Memoriam…

10:44pm: Just got note that our page views are booming! Hi friends!!

10:49pm: Using this GIF forever:


10:51pm: Jennifer Anniston is just SO incredibly & unfairly stunning. Note to self: Buy Aveeno products.

10:52pm: Who else feels like that lady is gunna come home to Obama sitting in her house a la President Snow just being like “Awww hell nah”????

11:04pm: Oh man John Travolta is really creeping me out right now.

11:07pm: I can’t believe those are Common & John Legend’s real names.

11:10pm: “Poor Lonnie came home and was like ‘Guys, I want a normal name… like one that’s really common.'”-Kate on how Common got his name. And now she’s crying laughing at her own (admittedly great) joke.

11:20pm: Lady Gaga was truly incredible. Just wow.

11:23pm: “Thank you, Wes…” is totally gunna be this guy’s acceptance speech.

11:34pm: I am actually dying right now.


11:35pm: LOVE that Oprah just announced the winner of Best Adapted Screenplay in the most Oprah voice possible. This guy Graham is really intelligent for paying credit where credit is due (to Oprah)

11:36pm: Okay, that was really touching but also HEY JOHN STAMOS YOU ARE SUCH A FOX.

11:51pm: Eddie Redmayne, you will always be Marius to me and I am so, so, so happy for you ❤

11:53pm: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT… What’s up with that beard?

12:02am: How did that happen, NPH YOU MAGICAL BASTARD?!?!

12:03am: Sean Penn?

12:07am: Alright, Birdman was great woohooo. Let’s wrap it up, yeah?

12:08am: This was great but now its time for bed. BYE Y’ALL THANKS FOR HANGING AND SEE YA NEXT TIME BYE WE ARE HYSTERICAL

Gina & Kate Liveblog the… SAG Awards

Kate and I are back with our friends Catherine and Kelly to comment (read: hate on) all the goings on at the SAG Awards. See ya soon!


8:03pm: Jennifer Anniston looks STUNNING.


8:06pm: Uzo is incredible, so psyched she won

8:08pm: Kate’s annoyed she doesn’t work at Buzzfeed since they both commented on Galifinakis’ man-bun… (CALL HER.)

8:10pm: Eric Stonestreet should’ve won. Grateful it’s not Parsons, though.

8:12pm:  I CANNOT deal with Emma Stone’s ***Flawless-ness.

8:17pm: WOW this cast is massive. LAVERNE COX LOOKING INCREDIBLE.

8:23pm: Didn’t think Colin Farrell could be not hot, but it’s happening.

8:29pm: HI KATE. (I know you’re checking this…)

8:31pm: Reese you are perfect and adorable.

8:39pm: Really want Lupita and Jared Leto to date.

8:41pm:  Missing Benny C ❤

8:42pm: Shoutout to the brave military canines!!!!

8:48pm: Kinda wish this was funnier/Amy & Tina were hosting.

8:52pm: Thought Frances was gunna break apart her SAG award and share with all the nominees, a la Mean Girls. Just a shameless plug.

9:08pm: Debbie Reynolds is so adorable.

9:14pm: LOLZ.


9:17pm: Oh man, McSteamy is a silver fox now?!?!


9:21pm: Viola is incredible in HTGAWM. So, so well deserved.

9:22pm: Kater rightfully pointed out that Meryl is probably the only actor voting and so all night she’s like “You’re welcome, you’re welcome…”

9:23pm: We lost a lot of good ones this year.

9:36pm: House of Cards should’ve won.

9:37pm: “Tickled to my toes” is now being added to my vocabulary.

9:40pm:  Oh man, I love Eddie Redmayne so much.

9:44pm: Billy Eichner is my fave.

— billy eichner (@billyeichner) January 26, 2015

9:47pm: McConaughey’s beard…

9:50pm: BOOOOOO! Anniston should’ve won.

9:53pm: Amazing cast in Birdman. Now gotta see that movie…

9:54pm: “When I was on As The World Turns…”

9:56pm: Wrapped up before 10pm. #Blessed. See you guys next time.

Gina & Kate Liveblog the… Golden Globes

Tonight, I’ll be liveblogging the Golden Globes with my friend and neighbor, Kate. Check back in later tonight because we’re hilarious…

8:00pm: HERE WE GO! Amy and Tina look so pretty!

8:01pm Let’s take a moment to appreciate the best moment from the E! Red Carpet: 1538621_463871063724526_569078103_n

8:03pm Bono?!

8:03pm Kate mentioned that Meryl looks like she just took time out of her day at the office to be here…

8:05pm “If that Julia Louis Dreyfus bit isn’t a gif tomorrow, I’m gunna kill someone.” – Kate

8:07pm Tina is ROCKING that blowout.

8:10pm Great opening! Kate is dead.

8:11pm Best Supporting Actress, we picked… our best friend in our heads, Jennifer Lawrence. The Golden Globe goes to… J. LAWWWWWWWW. Cheering ensues!

8:12pm Kate can’t wait to see what she says.

8:13pm She sounds like she ran a marathon but is adorably awkward as always.

8:13pm Supporting Actress TV, we picked… Sophia Vergara. Winner is Jacqueline Bisset. This is nice that she finally wins an award but Sophia’s rack looks amazing tonight (as per usual).

8:15pm WRONG AGAIN PEREZ. J. Law >>>>>>>> Taylor the Talentless

8:17pm “What does she need, a SHARKNADO to get her off the stage?!?!”-Kate

8:19pm Kate’s acceptance speech would go something like this: “I’d like to thank my soon-to-be-but-he-doesn’t-realize-it-yet husband Josh Hutcherson. #TEEMPEETA”

8:22pm I picked AHS for best miniseries/movie TV, Kate picked Behind the Candelabra…

8:23pm Kate wins! I drink.

8:24pm Side note: Buzzfeed and E! Online win for best Twitter accounts to follow during these things.

8:25pm Best Actress in Miniseries/Movie for TV should be Elisabeth Moss (my pick) or Jessica Lange (Kate’s pick)…. AND I GOT IT RIGHT. GET IT PEGGY!


8:28pm Matt Damon is looking foiiiiine.

8:31pm Jane Krakowski is totally wearing the jacket from Catching Fire in that commercial, so now you know.

8:33pm I can’t wait for the “scandal” part of Tina and Amy’s opening to become a gif so I can use it in every day conversation.

8:37pm OMG.


8:38pm Cranston must win for Best Actor. Must. Win.

8:39pm  WELL DESERVED MR. WHITE. But Spader Forever <33333

8:41pm: Also, Breaking Bad must win Best TV Series Drama… AND THEY DO!!!!


8:47pm:  We spent the commercial break looking for the “Scandal” gif on Tumblr, what did you do?!

8:50pmWe both really guessed on the best score… “Dun fucked up on this category, that’s what I did”-Kate

8:51pm Afraid Diddy is gunna Kanye the shit out of this poor guy with his hair up in a clip.


8:54pm Bono writes okay music, I guess (LOLZ JK DUH.) But the real victory belongs to humanity, for not giving Taylor another award she doesn’t deserve.

8:55pm Seriously, how drunk is Diddy right now?!

9:01pm Tumblr is, like, REAAAAALLY upset Frozen lost Best Original Song, you guys.



tumblr_inline_mjmx55BZKe1qz4rgp nooooo Nooo  gif tumblr_meji76Chne1rmayn0o1_1280

9:05pm Olivia Wilde looks AMAZING pregnant. #yowza

9:06pmFingers crossed for Meryl!!!

9:08pm: Now Amy AND J. Law can be like:


9:10pm: Emma Watson looking amazingly gorgeous as usual… I looked just as awkward when I was 11 but I did not turn out like her *SIGH*.

9:14pm: I wish Kevin Bacon would bust out some sweet moves a la Footloose.

9:15pm: “I thought it was Justin Bieber for a minute!”-Kate, between laughs, about Amy Poehler as Tina’s son.

9:17pm: Kerry should’ve beat Robin Wright because the best show is… tumblr_mzbfkfcYaF1qcytrro1_400

9:19pm: Hey, Jim Carrey is looking pretty sharp! Also, took longer than expected for a Shia LeBeouf joke tonight…

9:21pm: Best Supporting Actor… I picked Jared Leto, and Kate picked Bradley. I knew Jared would win because he dressed in drag.

9:22pm: “Winner for Best SupporTED Actor in a Film… Josh Hutcherson! Catching Fire!”-Kate (She’s not obsessed or anything…)

9:28pm:  American Hustle for ALL THE WINZ.

9:30pm: “This is embarassing…Whenever anyone said Spike Jonze, I thought they meant Spike Lee.”-Kate

9:34pm: C’monnnnn Jason Bateman! Beat Jim Parsons!

9:35pm: Both Kate and I have never been so happy to be wrong. Loving how adorable and shocked Andy is! #WHYAREYOUMARRIED

9:36pm:  Andy, best acceptance speech of the night.

9:37pm: Beyoncé for every award ever.


9:42pm“Thank you to Italy” is what I say every time I eat pizza.

9:44pm: This is my new wallpaper:


9:45pm: Kate picked Matt Damon, but I knew Michael Douglas would win!! Update: I am winning at picking the winners.

9:47pm: “Cheers to Matt Damon for playing along with every joke he’s been a part of tonight.”-Kate

9:48pm: My brilliant friend Jenna texted me, saying “Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, and T Swift at the same table?! One of these things is not like the other…” AMEN, JENNA. AMEN.

9:50pm: Starting a petition to ban Taylor Swift from life.

9:52pmChris Pine and Emma Watson is just unfair to look at.

9:53pm: Tumblr will be happy that Frozen won!!!!!!

9:56pm: We are hoping Amy wins over here…

9:57pm: AMYYYYY!!!


10:02pm: Emma Stone you are beautiful but that dress is doing NOTHING for you.

10:09pm: So Woody Allen isn’t even there….?

10:10pm: WordPress is telling me traffic to the site is booming, but it’s probably just Kate checking to see what I actually quoted from her.

10:11pm: Everyone is so drunk.

10:12pm: Shout-out to all my homies reading this who have sent me thumbs up emojis tonight!!!

10:16pm: Winner of the entire Golden Globes:


10:18pm: “THAT’S SOPHIA VERGARA’S PROBLEM, OKAY?!”-Kate, about people supposedly misunderstanding Alfonso Cuaron

10:20pm: WOW, Brooklyn Nine-Nine! I actually really like the show, but that’s #shocking.

10:22pm: Mike Schur (aka MOSE) helped create Brooklyn Nine-Nine, so that explains everything.


10:27pmBest Actor goes to Leo!!!! Really thought it’d be Bale, but I never pass up an excuse to gaze at Leo.

10:30pm: Reese is so beautiful, but it looks like she hacked off her hair in the bathroom before she walked out on stage.

10:31pm: “I would love to have a camera just on the Modern Family table”-Kate


10:38pm: Wooohooooo!!! More J-Law screen time!

10:40pm: EXELSIOR.

10:45pm: Sandy should’ve won for Gravity! (I haven’t seen Gravity…)

10:50pm: Alright, alright, alright! Just keep livin’… Thank you, Matthew McConaughey for being predictable in your speeches.

10:56pm:  Johnny Depp is what Orlando Bloom will look like in 15 years…


10:58pm: I feel like I need to see 12 years a slave and, while I’m at it, all of the Best Picture nominees…

And they’ve wrapped it up before 11pm… #impressive. That’s it for us, thanks for joining if you did. Kate and I will be back for the Grammys on the 26th. GOODNIGHT.