Gina & Kate Liveblog the… Emmysf

We’re back tonight at 8pm!


6:43pm: We are ready and feeling just like our collective hero, Amy:

8:00pm: Hey y’all! Ready to share our thoughts with you on all the Emmy happenings. Hoping this show isn’t boring…

8:04pm: That opening was fucking incredible.

8:05pm: SUCK IT BOOKS.

8:09pm: Obligatory Kim Davis jokes…

8:09pm: POEHLER, MY HERO ❤

8:11pm: Hahaha top notch Houdini joke. Classic!

8:13pm: Excellent opening from Samberg. Kate’s rating: Would be content to watch it for the rest of my life.

8:14pm: How do I join “Amy”? Willing to change my name…


8:16pm: “For the longest time, I thought the West Wing was a doctor show. I had no idea it was about the West Wing of the White House.” – Kate

8:18pm: These Samsung commercials sure look like they want to be iPhone commercials… HEYOOOO

8:19pm: This is how we felt when Kate McKinnon lost:

8:21pm: Also, get a good look at this picture, because you WILL be seeing it again later…


8:32pm: Will Forte is a comedic genius and I am not ashamed to say it!

8:24pm: Veep is amazing!!!!!

8:25pm: “He talks to Ryan Seacrest, he’s a winner.” BRB, ROFL.

8:31pm: Singing “Peeno Noir” in and of itself deserved an Emmy, but congrats Tony Hale…


8:35pm: Gina Rodriguez living the dream for all Ginas everywhere. STAMOS, YOU STONE COLD FOX.

8:42pm: Kimmel doing everything he can to prove that he is not Fallon. Fallon would be too excited to eat that card!

8:44pm: Arrested Development alumni doing big things tonight!! Next, Michael Cera! #MichaelCeraAsShaft

8:47pm: …How do we get Kerry Washington to come over for an Apple Music dance party?

8:48pm: Burnt: The True Americanized Story of Gordon Ramsay. “Confused why Jennifer Lawrence isn’t in this film, though…”

8:50pm: “World’s Best Boss” Mug, now available at the NBC Experience store!

8:53pm: The Emmys are a sham!!! Poehler doesn’t win for Leslie Knope, just like Steve Carell never won for Michael Gary Scott. #Travesty

8:55pm: “She should’ve had Hillary accept this award…” -Kate

8:56pm: Shout out to my coworkers!!!!!

8:57pm: Top Chef was robbed! The Voice can’t even produce a genuine star!!! Top Chef has a CRUISE!!!!!

8:58pm: How was that, Dave?

9:02pm: Apparently, it is so hot in LA that Mario Lopez decided to host a one-man wet tshirt contest. “Not that anyone is complaining…”-Kate


9:07pm: THIS WOMAN IS INCREDIBLE. Hope someone gives her an award for exactly matching her hair color to her dress.

9:14pm: John Oliver telling it like it is, as always.

9:15pm: Obligatory:

9:16pm: Why aren’t Amy & Tina sitting next to each other, though? #Travesty

9:18pm: This lady gives #nofucks about being played off.

9:22pm: Weren’t there, like, a literal billion people using Facebook at the same time the other day? Why are you advertising?

9:26pm: Who knew Samberg made such a great blonde?

9:27pm: Frances McDormand always looks like she got her dress at Ann Taylor.

9:34pm: Lady Gaga looks amazing when she’s normal.

9:36pm: “That was Lady Gaga…” SAME.

9:39pm: Okay, Emmys, let’s just spoil EVER. SINGLE. SHOW. Makes sense.

9:43pm: On the nose, as always.

9:44pm: This is starting to get boring, yeah?


9:51pm: Miss you already, Jon. That retirement beard suits you!

9:53pm:  Teach me how to wear a lady suit, Jane Lynch.

9:56pm: Screw Taylor Swift, how do we join Amy Schumer’s squad? We are from Long Island, too!!!!


10:02pm: Isn’t it creepy how Tom & Colin Hanks have the SAME VOICE?!?!

10:03pm: Kate and I went to Lip Sync Battle Live, and we can confirm that LL is always wearing that hat.

10:05pm: “Who is this amazon woman sitting with Jon Stewart?!”-Kate

10:10pm: Where is Jon Snow????

10:18pm: Once, Emma Roberts ran over my foot with her monogrammed Louis Vuitton suitcase on the line for Boars Head in JFK.

10:20pm: Uzo is incredibly incredible. Crying a little bit over here…

10:28pm: Viola Davis looking incredible as per ush.

10:29pm: DINKLAGE…… “HE HAS A MINI MAN BUN! Whose job is it to lower the microphone…?”-Captain Obvious, aka Kate.

10:34pm: In Memoriam is the worst.

10:39pm: Thank for reminding me I need to get new glasses, Amy. #MyHero

10:40pm: JON HAMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Get me a gif of him crawling on stage, Tumblr.)


10:44pm: But… Tatiana Maslany plays, like, 11 characters!

10:45pm: Viola is incredible though. But why Meaghan Good? Am I missing something?

10:53pm: VEEP! Surprising win?

10:54pm: TRACY ❤ ❤ ❤ So, so happy to have you back.


10:58pm: Wrapping it up before 11p #blessed THANK YOU FOR JOINING US AGAIN! GOODNIGHT!!!


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