Gina & Kate Liveblog the… Oscars

It’s the biggest night of awards season and we are here to offer you all of our thoughts… You know you love us.



8:30pm: Give it to us, NPH!!!

8:31pm: YAAAAAAS a musical number and a Benny Cumberbatch close-up…

8:34pm: Hahahah Jack Black, oh MAN.

8:36pm: “Meryl F’in Streep” #Yes #ClintonStreep2016

8:37pm: Kate wants you to know she thought this opening number was “Legen…wait for it…….DARY” WOW KATE YOU ARE SO ORIGINAL!!! But srsly that was great & I want to befriend whoever was responsible for the graphics. CALL ME!

8:39pm: RIP Robin ❤

8:42pm: Let this be a lesson to you all that if you slap around Miles Teller, you too can win an Oscar!

8:44pm: NPH KILLIN’ IT with that Farmers-Oscars bit.

8:46pm: Is there any other way to introduce Liam Neeson? I think not.

8:50pm: If the Oscars is about to turn into the GRAMMYs with all of these boring performances, I’m out…

8:51pm: This song sounds like it wanted to be in “Once” but it didn’t make the cut.

8:54pm: Thanks J.K./Buzzfeed!

8:55pm: Why don’t they make good commercials anymore? 9:00pm: Really? A “Witherspoon” pun? 9:02pm: Reese is so stunning though. 9:03pm: Okay, but like what does everyone in Hollywood do/eat/drink/snort to look BETTER as they age? First J.Lo and now Channing is looking extra fooooooine. 9:04pm: “Bermuda short” LOLZ! 9:05pm: Oh man, but really!

9:08pm: There’s a healthy balance of NPH & other Oscar-y stuff. Why couldn’t they pull that off at the Golden Globes #MoreTina&Amy

9:12pm: This guy is my hero. STICK IT TO THE MAN!

9:15pm: Poor Steve Carell.


9:19pm: HAY BFF!! (Questlove)

9:25pm: Already decided what photo I’m gunna photoshop Kate & myself into…

9:31pm: Viola, I love you, I really do. But everything about that outfit is just no. Someone get the HTGAWM stylist, STAT.

9:33pm:  Gwyneth should consciously uncouple from those earrings. *Bad-dum CHIC!*

9:41pm: I don’t get perfume commercials, but I really don’t get  that Miss Dior ad.

9:43pm: WERK IT!!!

9:46pm: Forever confusing Chris Pine & Chris Evans.

9:52pm: Who allowed J.Lo to sit next to Meryl the Queen?

9:56pm: Meryl during Patricia Arquette’s speech = Us during Patricia Arquette’s speech.

9:56pm: Kate as Meryl “IT IS DONE!”

10:00pm: BRB, need to make sure Kate doesn’t die while Josh Hutcherson is on the tv.

10:03pm: Hey Chloe Grace Moretz, remember when we bonded over Britney Spears & Real Housewives at Watch What Happens Live?????? Besties!

10:04pm: How did dancing Baby Groot not snag the award for Visual Effects?!?!?! ROBBED!

10:06pm: YAS.

10:07pm: LOL bc Anna Kendrick & Kevin Hart are short!

10:09pm: I can’t believe the Rock is at the Oscars.

10:11pm: I can’t believe The Lego Movie didn’t even get nominated.


10:22pm: Guys, I think working with Wes Anderson guarantees an Oscar.

10:24pm: Yo, I would be 10000% for Idris Elba & Jessica Chastain making babies together.

10:30pm: Not ready for this In Memoriam…

10:44pm: Just got note that our page views are booming! Hi friends!!

10:49pm: Using this GIF forever:


10:51pm: Jennifer Anniston is just SO incredibly & unfairly stunning. Note to self: Buy Aveeno products.

10:52pm: Who else feels like that lady is gunna come home to Obama sitting in her house a la President Snow just being like “Awww hell nah”????

11:04pm: Oh man John Travolta is really creeping me out right now.

11:07pm: I can’t believe those are Common & John Legend’s real names.

11:10pm: “Poor Lonnie came home and was like ‘Guys, I want a normal name… like one that’s really common.'”-Kate on how Common got his name. And now she’s crying laughing at her own (admittedly great) joke.

11:20pm: Lady Gaga was truly incredible. Just wow.

11:23pm: “Thank you, Wes…” is totally gunna be this guy’s acceptance speech.

11:34pm: I am actually dying right now.


11:35pm: LOVE that Oprah just announced the winner of Best Adapted Screenplay in the most Oprah voice possible. This guy Graham is really intelligent for paying credit where credit is due (to Oprah)

11:36pm: Okay, that was really touching but also HEY JOHN STAMOS YOU ARE SUCH A FOX.

11:51pm: Eddie Redmayne, you will always be Marius to me and I am so, so, so happy for you ❤

11:53pm: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT… What’s up with that beard?

12:02am: How did that happen, NPH YOU MAGICAL BASTARD?!?!

12:03am: Sean Penn?

12:07am: Alright, Birdman was great woohooo. Let’s wrap it up, yeah?

12:08am: This was great but now its time for bed. BYE Y’ALL THANKS FOR HANGING AND SEE YA NEXT TIME BYE WE ARE HYSTERICAL


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