Gina & Kate Liveblog the… SAG Awards

Kate and I are back with our friends Catherine and Kelly to comment (read: hate on) all the goings on at the SAG Awards. See ya soon!


8:03pm: Jennifer Anniston looks STUNNING.


8:06pm: Uzo is incredible, so psyched she won

8:08pm: Kate’s annoyed she doesn’t work at Buzzfeed since they both commented on Galifinakis’ man-bun… (CALL HER.)

8:10pm: Eric Stonestreet should’ve won. Grateful it’s not Parsons, though.

8:12pm:  I CANNOT deal with Emma Stone’s ***Flawless-ness.

8:17pm: WOW this cast is massive. LAVERNE COX LOOKING INCREDIBLE.

8:23pm: Didn’t think Colin Farrell could be not hot, but it’s happening.

8:29pm: HI KATE. (I know you’re checking this…)

8:31pm: Reese you are perfect and adorable.

8:39pm: Really want Lupita and Jared Leto to date.

8:41pm:  Missing Benny C ❤

8:42pm: Shoutout to the brave military canines!!!!

8:48pm: Kinda wish this was funnier/Amy & Tina were hosting.

8:52pm: Thought Frances was gunna break apart her SAG award and share with all the nominees, a la Mean Girls. Just a shameless plug.

9:08pm: Debbie Reynolds is so adorable.

9:14pm: LOLZ.


9:17pm: Oh man, McSteamy is a silver fox now?!?!


9:21pm: Viola is incredible in HTGAWM. So, so well deserved.

9:22pm: Kater rightfully pointed out that Meryl is probably the only actor voting and so all night she’s like “You’re welcome, you’re welcome…”

9:23pm: We lost a lot of good ones this year.

9:36pm: House of Cards should’ve won.

9:37pm: “Tickled to my toes” is now being added to my vocabulary.

9:40pm:  Oh man, I love Eddie Redmayne so much.

9:44pm: Billy Eichner is my fave.

— billy eichner (@billyeichner) January 26, 2015

9:47pm: McConaughey’s beard…

9:50pm: BOOOOOO! Anniston should’ve won.

9:53pm: Amazing cast in Birdman. Now gotta see that movie…

9:54pm: “When I was on As The World Turns…”

9:56pm: Wrapped up before 10pm. #Blessed. See you guys next time.


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