Gina & Kate Liveblog the… Oscars

We’re changing it up by liveblogging via text message, but.. WE’RE BAAAAACK!

8:30pm: Ellen in that sparkly suit…

8:32pm: Lupita and the guy next to her have the same haircut…


8:34pm: Julia and Sandra look probably the most beautiful they’ve ever looked.

8:35pm: “Meryl has been nominated 18 times” and Leo’s just there like “Please give me one…”

8:36pm: For those of you keeping track, Jennifer Lawrence has fallen 2 times at the Oscars (so far.)

8:39pm: Ellen’s jokes are so on point tonight.

8:40pm: Okay, side note: how effing creepy are all those Oscar statues filling the stage?!


8:43pm: *Cue Jimmy Fallon “Thank You Notes” Music* Thank you, Oscars, for being PREDICTABLE.

8:45pm: Inability to correctly understand each other’s texts is preventing Kate’s commentary, in case you’re wondering…

8:45pm: #blessed.

8:50pm: Kerry is absolutely radiant.

8:51pm: Does anyone have an answer to why that hat keeps happening, though?

8:52pm: Okay, I need a gif of Meryl shimmying with Pharrell ASAP.

8:53pm: Pharrell’s performance was universes better than Taylor the Talentless at the GRAMMYs. (Sorry, if I don’t hate on her at least once an hour, I’ll spontaneously combust.)

8:57pm: Reason #2390887342 Why I Love Benedict Cumberbatch:


9:03pm: Harrison Ford, you are still a fox.

9:11pm: McConaughey is looking a teensy-weensy bit orange. #AlrightAlrightAlright

9:14pm: Okay, that French dude was adorable.


9:16pm: BRB singing “Let It Go” for the rest of the night…

9:17pm: Honestly, one of the main reasons I stay in NYC is for the possibility of a random Bill Murray encounter.

9:19pm: Totally forgot Will Smith played Muhammad Ali (and perhaps that’s for the best.)

9:20pm: OMG I want JGL for myself, but I also would be the biggest fan of him and Emma Watson together. Kate: “DREAM TEAM. POWER COUPLE.”

9:22pm: Like, duh Gravity won for best special effects. They had to animate space!

9:23pm: Zac Efron…


9:26pm: This Muppets commercial is an accurate representation of my morning commute.



9:36pm: Bradley Cooper with a perm is something that you cannot un-see.

9:40pm: Eh, that was a little much.

9:41pm: FRANK. UNDERWOOD. Kate: “He’s taking this character too seriously. I’m concerned.”

9:43pm: What a sweet Brangelina moment!

9:44pm: Kate: “Soo real talk, where is Idina?” IDK BUT I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER PERFORMANCE!!!

9:49pm: I hope he says “Thank you to Italy.”

9:50pm: Roma is close enough. Forza Roma!

9:51pm: Tyler Perry? Oh god.

9:54pm: Hashtag outfit change!

9:55pm: “Oh, U2 released that song again…” I can’t remember who originally said that, but I stole that joke.

10:00pm: HAHAH

 10:03pm: This selfie is going to be my new phone background…

10:09pm: Seriously, though.

10:12pm: I just love J.Law and I want her to wiiiiiin!

10:14pm: I am 100% okay with Lupita winning. And look at her holding her dress so she doesn’t fall…

10:16pm: I am crying, she is so beautiful and eloquent and talented and amazing. So well deserved.  And this Willy Wonka song playing her off… #dead

10:30pm: This is way delayed but Ellen’s Oscars pizza party was perfect.


10:34pm: Liza’s got me thinking about a different Oscar…


10:38pm: I LOVE PINK.

10:51pm: I just spent an unreasonable amount of time doing this:


10:55pm: RIP PAUL WALKER </3

10:59pm: I can’t right now, Bette.

11:01pm: Too many feels.

11:03pm: Okayyyy so, like, can Idina come out and sing? Because this grandma needs her beauty rest.


11:12pm: Jamie Foxx right now…

11:17pm: This dude won the EGOT! How cool. Gunna go listen to “Let It Go” on repeat.

11:29pm: They are so good at dragging these things out, huh?

11:32pm: Angelina is the real life Elsa #LETITGO

11:33pm: Lupita with her Oscar is the most adorable thing ever.

11:35pm: Please see previous comment about the Oscars being predictable.

11:38pm: Kate pointed out that the speeches this year have been really beautiful, and I have to agree. Way to go, actors.

11:42pm: We can just assume Cate is going win this one, yeah?

11:48pm: J.LAW! J.LAW! J.LAW!

11:51pm: Alright, aright, alright…

11:55pm: It’s almost midnight so let’s get to it! Why is Will Smith presenting best picture???

11:58pm: Preeeeeedictable.

11:59pm: Lupita is chatting with Benny Cumberbatch and now she is my idol.

12:00am: That’s it for us! I’ll be busy photoshopping us into Vanity Fair photos…#BYE.


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